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As many of you know, I am an author for American Preppers Network.  It is a fabulous site built for people who want to become more self sufficient and meet like minded people. So why am I creating a blog you wonder?  It is simple, I want to be able to express things from my point of view and get on a more personal level with my readers and I think that having a blog is one way to go about doing that.

I will be posting a lot of content on my blog that I have already posted on APN along with new stuff and guest articles as well.  The soul purpose of this is to get to know you and what you want.  Articles you would like to see written and your true honest opinion about how things really are in the prepping world. It is also to share ways to become better prepared in your own life.

That being said, I should tell you a little about myself.  For starters, I am not an extremest or a doomsday prepper.  While I do have my own personal views on politics and the government I do not want this blog viewed as a governmental bashing blog.  In my mind, a prepper is just an average person who wants to make sure their families and themselves are taken care of in the event of a natural disaster, job loss, inflation or economic collapse.  

I lived in Oklahoma (the country life) for most of my life and love it there!  Even though I currently live in the city, I am a country girl at heart.  I live in Georgia now and was recently married to my best friend.  We met online about 5 years ago and became the best of friends right away.  We did not begin dating until we knew each other for approximately 2 years, giving us time to really get to know each other. (I absolutely recommend doing this before becoming seriously involved with anyone.)  I have two children from a previous marriage and we are working on a third. :)  

I work from home as a columnist and an editor, and I also have my own online store through APN. It is called Jalapeño Gal's Survival Surplus.  Aside from my husbands income, these are my only sources of income so periodically in my articles you will see product links directing you to the store. I choose to work from home so I can remain a stay at home mother to our girls.

With that I will close the introduction to this blog. Happy reading!!

Keeping It Spicy,

Jalapeño Gal

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