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  1. Cari (AKA JG),

    Not being a world-renown chef, I have a somewhat limited ability to come up with a recipe that results in something edible. My goal is to create a list of meals that can be vacuum sealed and placed in my BOB that will assist in my continued longevity. The better ideas I have come up with is dehydrating chilli.....came out fairly decent when re-hydrating!.....and re-packaging Knorr 'side dishes', the Fettucini Alfredo with powdered milk added, a little more than suggested by the powdered milk package directions, but came out tasting fairly nice. It does need to be 'attended to' whilst cooking, just like cooking it on a stove.

    I have successfully dehydrated chicken, hamburger, bunch of veggies, and made some jerky that I was impressed with, but have yet been able to come up with a recipe for anything that even half-way tasted like eating.

    What I am looking for is not the freeze-dried stuff, but rather ideas for meals from dehydrated stuff that can be made for less than $30/pound that can be vacuum sealed then tossed in a container with a cup or two of water and cooked out in the boonies.

    I have looked over several web sites proclaiming they have lots of 'recipes', but none really oriented towards, shall we say, camping. Anything would help!!

  2. Mmmmmm dehydrated chili!!! That sounds fantastic!! I am currently working on an experiment and an article geared towards the same thing. Right now I have gotten one meal that is about 10 dollars a meal made with dehydrated foods from honeyville. Keep checking up, I should be done with the article in a week or so. :)