Way 2 Save

I came across this chart on Survival Mom's Blog and thought I would share it with all of you. It is a really smart way to create a nest egg for yourself at the end of each year.  This chart is designed if one person saves, but imagine if you have two people in the home doing it.  Heck, get the kids in on it to. If they earn an allowance then you can teach them how to save early and the benefits of saving. :)

Imagine the preps you could get with more than $1000.00 saved at the end of the year!!! I challenge you to try this in your home and see who can make it to December without spending their money. Good Luck!! :)


  1. My boyfriend and I talked about it and we decided we are going to try it...we are part of the American Preppers group and we are always trying to find ways to save...thanks for sharing

  2. Facebook Friend states: This is a great chart. Depending on one's age and physical abilities, it might be a greater savings to spend this extra money each week on nonperishable, dry or canned foods as the prices are going to sky rocket. Especially if we keep having droughts and other disasters here and globally. Just another thought...

    1. My Reply: Yes one could, but I would think they could get more of the expensive items they need with the very little amount they would put into the savings each week. I mean the most you will ever put in is $52.00 (that is about the cost of 1 dehydrated #10 can of meat)and by that time you will have almost $1400 saved to get what you really need. (Guns, water filter systems, food storage etc...) Me personally, I do this for each of my children, but we just dont have $500 or more dollars to spare on new guns. However, when December rolls around...because of this system...we do.