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Blackberry Jalapeno Jam

Blackberry Jalapeno Jam

By Jalapeno Gal77 -via APN

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This is an amazing recipe for Jalapeno Blackberry Jam!  We use it on English muffins, bagels, crackers and much more.  It is fabulous on top of cream cheese as well as a sweet and spicy marinade for fish, chicken and other meats.  It’s super easy to make if you are familiar with making jams and jellies and has a very unique flavor.  Its not too spicy, but if you want to make it spicier, then just add a few more jalapeno’s.  If you only want Blackberry Jam just omit the jalapenos.  Hope you enjoy!

Warning: This will be very messy so wear old clothes and have a roll of paper towels handy.

  • 4 cups of blackberry juice (36 oz of blackberries made 2 cups of juice for me.  So about 72 oz of blackberries.  That is 6-7 of the 12 oz containers.)
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1 green and 1 red jalapeno minced
  • 3 1/2 cups white sugar
  • 1 box sure-jell pectin
  • 1/2 teaspoon butter
Other Tools Needed:
  • 5 jelly caning jars with lids and rings
  • Water Bath Canner
  • Canning Utensils
  • Sauce pan for sterilizing the lids
  • Saucepan for jelly mix
  • Mixing bowls
  • Cheese cloth, jelly bag
  • Potato Masher
  • Mesh strainer (important)
  • measuring cups
  • Fill water canner half way with water and bring to a simmer.  Sterilize your jars and lids and keep them warm for when you fill to prevent the jars from breaking.
  • Mix Sure Jell packet and 1/2 cup sugar in a small bowl and set aside.
  • Crush your black berries one layer at a time in a mixing bowl with the potato masher. You don’t want to mash them so much it becomes think to where there isn’t juice. Just enough to extract the juice.

black berry jam 5

  • Place your cheese cloth (You will need 4 packages of cheese cloth or a roll of it.  I found these in the automotive section in Wal-mart) in another bowl and pour the blackberries onto it.

black berry jam 10
  •  Tie up the corners (Or pull them up and twist them) and allow the juice to drip through into the bowl. (I use my glass 2 measuring cup) You can squeeze gently if you want to, but do not squeeze it so the berries get to compacted in the cheese cloth or it is hard for the juice to come through. This process can be tedious and take a while. 

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  •  Measure exactly 4 cups of juice and pour into a sauce pan.
Note: you can rinse your cheese cloth out a few times and squeeze out excess water and reuse. You don’t want to do this more than twice or you might get some of the fabric in the juice.
  • Mix the black berry juice, pectin mixture, the red and green jalapeno, and butter into your sauce pan and bring to a rolling boil on high heat that doesn’t stop boiling when you stir it.  Stir in remaining sugar and return to a boil.  Boil for 1 minute stirring constantly.  Remove from heat and skim off any foam in the pan.

black berry jam 11
  • To make sure that the jelly is of the right consistency, place a small saucer in the freezer.  Remove, once cold, and put a small amount of jelly on the plate.  Run your finger or spoon through it and if it doesn’t flow back into the other liquid then your set!
  • Fill jars up to 1/4 inch from the rim.  Wipe off the brims of the jars and place the lids and rings on the jars.  Put the jars on the rack in your water canner and lower into the water.  Process for 5 minutes.  Remove the jars from the water and let cool on a towel.  Once the jars are cool, gently press on the lids to make sure they don’t pop back.  If they do they aren’t sealed.

When making Jam or Jelly, it is important to know that if it doesn’t set, it isn’t necessarily your fault.  Sometimes the pectin you get at the store may have set too long and no longer good.  Other things that can go wrong are: that you cooked the fruit too long or too slowly, or that the ingredients were not measured correctly.  If, for whatever reason this occurs, you don’t have to throw out your attempted jam.  It will still be somewhat syrupy and can be used over ice cream, pancakes or over anything that you can use syrup on.

What I love about this jam is it does not have overbearing heat to it due to the jalapenos, it is just right.  However if you do want more spice, then just add a little more peppers to it.  I hope that you try this Jalapeno Blackberry Jam and tell us about your experience.

Keepin It Spicy,
Jalapeño Gal

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