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DAK Ham Review

Dak Ham
DAK Ham Review
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As devoted preppers, we make sure to have store-bought canned meat and home canned meat in our food storage.  Store bought meat can be a challenge on the taste buds.  We are always eager to try new meats which is what brought us to camping survival’s canned DAK Ham.

Some facts about DAK:
  • Their ham is fully cooked so you can eat it cold or hot.
  • Shelf life of this product is 4-5 years as long as the can is not dented, punctured, swollen or rust around the rim.  Store in a dry, cool environment.
  • Ingredients:  Ham cured with water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, carrageenan, sodium erythorbate, and sodium nitrate.
  • DAK established itself as a quality brand since 1947.
  • Unlike spam, which contains pieces of different types of meat such as Turkey and Spam hot dogs, DAK is 100% Ham.

Test’s and Observations:
    dax ham review 1
  • Upon opening, I thought to myself, “This looks like spam.”  After removing it from the container I sliced it and took a bite.  *It definitely does not taste like spam.*  It has a very good taste that surprised me.  It was a little bit salty, but not so much that it changed the flavor.
  • I sliced half of the ham and put it in the skillet.  It fries up nicely and keeps its shape for sandwiches, breakfast, or to eat on crackers.
  • The other half of the can I placed in a bowl and added a little bit of mayo, sweet relish, eggs, and onions.  It made a delicious ham salad that my kids ate up on crackers.
  • We took a second can of DAK ham, and, as suggested on campingsurvival.com, we placed it in the oven at 325º F for 20 minutes.  We scored it, added brown sugar and cloves on top, basting it with the juice from the cooking ham.  I wouldn’t say its like a thanksgiving ham, but for a quick meal it was full of flavor and there were no complaints from the family.

dex ham review 3My Final Thoughts:  We will be replacing spam with DAK ham!  Our family gives DAK Ham two thumbs up! ♥   You can use this ham in multiple ways, and it is worth trying and adding to your food storage.   Feel free to add your experience and opinions in the comments section below.

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