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Personal EDC

Personal Every Day Carry Kit (EDC)

By Jalapeno Gal77  via APN

A lot of people do not know what EDC stands for.  In the survival/preparedness world, it means Every Day Carry.  Typically, this means things you chose to carry every day that would help you if a disaster struck you without access to your B.O.B. (Bug Out Bag).  This could be anything from your car breaking down and being stranded, to a sudden tornado or hurricane hitting your area.  Do not confuse the EDC kit with a BOB.  (Either a 72 hour BOB or a long-term BOB)  That is not what the purpose of an EDC kit is.  The purpose is simply to deal with everyday situations that might occur in combination with things like injury, outdoor preparedness, and protection.

An EDC is generally not something you buy pre-made.  It is a kit that is put together after deliberating on the things that would satisfy your ability to handle any given situation.  You can do a search online and find many sites where people compare their items. This is a good place to start if you want a general idea of what some folks carry.

The most common things I have found in every EDC kit so far is a multi-purpose utility tool, a knife, and personal protection such as a fire arm. You have to be careful about this because some countries do not allow personal fire arms. If you are in a country that does allow it, you must make *certain* you have all the right carry permits you are supposed to avoid prosecution.
Items that I carry in my kit are:
  • Pen/small notebook
  • bandana
  • 1 pocket knife/ 3 throwing knife (In case I miss the first and second time haha)
  • Task Force flash light and batteries.
  • emergency whistle
  • Prepaid calling card/cell phone
  • List of phone numbers (Kept in my notebook and written on the inside cover)
  • Spare Keys
  • Emergency Cash (small bills only)
  • 3 days worth of my medication
  • Lighter/and small orange tube with water proof matches.
  • Mirror
  • A few Band-Aides and neosporin on the go spray.
  • Pre paid visa card (The kind you put money on, NOT my bank card)
  • Wallet with ID and other things a basic wallet has.
  • Bayer back and body
  • Compass/ local street map and state map
  • Eye glass repair kit
  • Nail clippers
  • Sun glasses
  • Chap stick
  • Travel size deodorant/cleansing wipes/Orbit gum
  • Poncho
  • Hand sanitizer
I posted a link to my flash light for a reason; to show you the size and the basic cost.  Some of the things people carry in their everyday kit, like flashlight, multi-purpose tools, or knives, can be more expensive than ordinary generic items.  Often times people purchase tactical gear that police and military use because when it comes to these items they are proven to be reliable over long periods of time, whether they are used or not.  Trust me, when it comes to disasters, you want to make sure you have reliable gear, not something that falls apart.

How you choose to carry your items is up to you.  Men tend to carry these things in cargo style pants with big pockets, waist or fanny packs or small back packs.  Women seem to use their purses since that is basically what it is any ways, right ladies? :)   Whatever you choose, it should be comfortable and easily accessible for you.

I hope this article helps you understand what an EDC kit is, and helps you  to create one for yourself.  Please feel free to add what you carry in your EDC in our comments section for others to read.  You may have something we haven’t thought of that we should have. :)   In the meantime….

Keep It Spicy,
Jalapeño Gal

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