Saturday, February 9, 2013

APN Prepper Groups

APN Meetup Groups

By admin 

The APN is now accepting applications from groups wishing to partner with us and be added to our National Meet Up Map and directory.

The Prepper movement is growing exponentially and because of this, new preppers are seeking out local groups to join, organize with, and learn from.  If there is no group in your area, or if a specific niche of survival, preparedness, or sustainable living skills hasn’t been filled in your area, and you would like to organize a group to teach, share, and learn survival, preparedness, and sustainable living, then we encourage you to fill out the application below.  Even if you already have an established group and would like to be listed and can meet our required criteria then let’s work together.

To be an APN partner group we ask that you and your group adhere to the following;

1) Non-Discrimination.  The APN only wishes to partner with groups that are open and willing to accept members regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, economic status, orientation, nationality, political affiliation, etc….  Prepping is for everyone.  Divisive topics should be kept out of the meetings.  Groups should stick with good, sound preparedness and self-reliance skills, ideas, training, and workshops.  Avoid topics and discussions that could fracture or divide your membership.

2) No Anti-Government, or Hate groups.  While we support and embrace all of our constitutional rights, the APN does not want to partner with groups that can potentially tarnish the image of the prepper movement, nor do we want to veer off the topics of Survival, Preparedness, or Sustainable Living.

3) Regarding Militia groups.  The APN strongly supports our 2nd amendment rights, however, the groups that we are helping to organize deal specifically with preparedness and sustainable living, not National Defense.  A militia is simply off topic to the venue of our website.  Also due to the OPSEC concerns of most militia groups, and the unwanted attention from government agencies, those groups would not mesh well with the very open nature of our map and public postings of scheduled meetups.  This does not, however, mean that Militia members can’t attend the meetups and discuss firearms and second amendment issues.  If your existing group is a Militia group, then consider creating an alternate prepper group that you can apply to have join our site.  Keep in mind, that many of our members who visit our site, do not wish to join a militia, so creating alternate group that deals specifically with preparedness topics would be better suit those peoples interests.

4) Regularly Scheduled Meetups.  Keep your groups active.  Who wants to attend a dead meet up?  Whether your group meets weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, your group should stay consistent with the meet ups.  A great tip is to meet the same time and same place every time.  Consistency will help your group grow and be successful.  We only want to partner with groups that are active.  Non-active groups will be removed from our directories.

5) Reciprocate the promotion.  If accepted, we will be adding your group to our map, directory, and other venues.  We ask that you link to us as well.

In addition to including your group on our map and directories we will also add you to our email list so that we can notify you of any events that may take place in your area.  Likewise, when you have an event that needs to be posted, you will be able to notify your states APN blog moderator so that they can post your event on your states APN blog.

If wish to start a group, or think that your existing group can make the grade with the APN, then please go here.