Thursday, May 9, 2013

Coffee Cup Experiment

Ok, so this morning on FB I saw this AWESOME coffee cup, (even though I do not drink coffee), so I had to share it with you. I searched for this coffee cup to buy it for a few people I know (Mom!!) but failed to find it.

I did however find a great deal on a white coffee cup and a marker. You can write on the cup and then bake it for a 30 minutes on 350F in the oven and it will be permanent. (Wait until it cools completely to handle or wash)

You may be asking, "Where does the experiment come in?"  I would LOVE, for those of you who purchase this and make their own cup, to send me a photo of your creations for publication here. (must be clean) I can just imagine the art work some of you can create or some very funny sayings/quotes. Or even a 4 cup series lol. Have one say SHTF; WROL; BOB; BOL and so on. You get what I mean. :)

So if you want to buy the white cup and marker then you can CLICK HERE.  Please pay attention and click at the bottom of the picture where it says, "Frequently Bought Together Items"

So if your feeling creative, give it a whirl!!!