Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spicy Buffalo Chicken and Rice

Spicy Buffalo Chicken & Rice

IMG_20130602_131052Spicy buffalo anything is a favorite in our house by the majority of people here.  So I thought, what better meal in a jar to prep for than some buffalo chicken and rice!!

It turned out great so I had to share the recipe with all of you.

Directions For Cooking: Print this label and secure it to the jar.
  • Add ingredients from jar and 3 cups of warm water to a cold skillet.
  • As your skillet heats the water will re-hydrate the ingredients.
  • Place lid on skillet stirring occasionally so rice does not stick to the skillet.
  • Cook until rice is tender and meal is hot. (about 10-20 minutes)
You can put the ingredients in the jar in any order that works for you. I like to start with the rice or chicken and then add the buffalo spice mix so I can shake the powder down some to make more room for the rest of the ingredients. Use your vacuum sealer to seal the jars.  (Equipment picture links below)

This particular recipe will make 8 quart jar meals before running out of Chicken.  I had leftover Vegetables, rice and buffalo mix. Had I opted to use another can of chicken then I probably could of gotten another 6 meals made out of it.  There are four of us and we each got a large full bowl of this meal.  The great part is that it passed the test!! Everyone really enjoyed this meal with no questions asked.  They could not tell that any of the ingredients were freeze-dried.

Cost for 8 Spicy Buffalo Chicken and Rice meals in jars was approx $103.00. This one jar will feed 4 people a good size bowl for supper. So technically your getting 32 meals if it is for one person. In my opinion that is not bad for 8 great meals that will last a long, long time.

vac sealer
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