Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You might be a Prepper If.....

You Might Be A Prepper If......

  • A Power outage is viewed as an adventure!
  • You eat leftover collard greens for breakfast...and enjoy it!
  • You have snares AND Texas Pete in your car!
  • You recieve more than 5 seed catalogs each month! 
  • You have more totes of *prep* food than real day to day food!
  • If you are incapable of buying *just one* of anything!
  • If you have 20 bottles of aspirin because they were on sale for $.88 at Walmart!
  • If you have more bullets than there are armed people in your state!
  • If you see canning supplies and get physically aroused!
  • You have a solar powered well pump with enough water to last ten years even AFTER that fails!
  • Solar powered dehydrators....enough said!
  • When a Zombie Apocalypse movie starts to look like an awesome vacation or life goal....and you see nothing wrong with that. :)
  • When you go to the store for a box of ammo and walk out with a case...knowing your spouse will be angry.
  • When you spend more time debating what the 'group' should have or should not have done on The Walking Dead, than watching the show.
  • If you understand *2 is 1 and 1 is none*
  • If your home fire drill includes picking up your *go bag*
  • If you go home for a visit 90 miles away and your *overnight* bag contains 200 rounds of ammo, 2 handguns and a long gun.
  • When you have more caches on your property than people in your neighborhood.
  • If you know more about native plants and their uses than your child's middle school science teacher. (and he is a biologist)
  • If you convert at least one closet into a food storage pantry in your home and hiding under the bed isn't an option anymore either.
  • If you are ordering antibiotics online at an exotic fish store and don't own any fish.
  • If your store room has a bigger variety of supplies than walmart.
  • If you have more than 30 bars of soap and 50 rolls of toilet paper sealed in a vacuum sealed storage bag.
  • If you think having night vision is a huge asset but live in a subdivision in suburbia.
  • Night vision? What about Thermal imagining rifle scopes? (enough said lol)
  • When you live just outside of a major city and you require to have at least 1 vehicle be a 4x4 with decent ground clearance and 300 miles of fuel at all times.
  • When on Christmas morning most of the presents under the tree are made of steel and polymer and are on most soldiers wish list.
  • When at least one of your caches is actually an underground fuel tank that can hold 10,000 gallons.
  • When laying out your "flowerbeds" you fill them with herbs/flowers that have medicinal/food storage benefits, not because they are pretty.
  • Holy crap! I'm subscribed via SMS (text) and this thread is blowing up my phone!!! 
  • When re-doing landscaping at your house you plant thorny rosebushes under all the windows as an extra layer of security. 
  • The letter S*H*T*F are worn off your keyboard. 
  • When you have a booze cabinet that is the envy of all your friends and you don't drink. (barter/medicinal) 
  • If you can bake bread, cook steak and bake a cake while camping 
  • When you know the routes around your town that don't have "big brother" cameras on them. (okay is that one only me?) 
  • When your garden/kitchen has absolutely nothing to do with Monsanto.
  • When you look at your prepping inventory spreadsheet and no matter how much is listed there is always room for more  
  • When you have a minimum of 10 locations to weather the big one.  
  • When every tool has a minimum of 3 uses
  • If you have ever considered buying a waterbed just so you could use it to store wheat. (or water)
  • When your dog tries to run and hide under your bed to avoid a bath only to realize you have crammed 14 cases of #10 cans under it : )   
  • If you BOOOO the prepping experts on Doomsday Preppers after their *assessments*   
  • When you have to move the guest bed out of the guest bedroom because you need more space for shelving units.
  • When you have more preps in your closet than clothes. ;)  
  • You trade in your apt for an RV and are ready within minutes if anything should come 
  • You dehydrate left overs. hehe 
  • You scout for where all the solar panels are located in your town
  • You get excited when you get 5 gallon buckets and bags of rice for your birthday (or Christmas)
  • You fantasize about bug out locations
  • You decorate your bug out locations lol 

I will be adding to this frequently!!!  If you would like to add one to the list please leave it in the comments section and I will post it. :)

Thanks To; Shawn Smith, Kris Kauffman, Holly Rosintoski, Johnny Greene, Stephanie Dayle, Ren Wench B, Ian Stermer, NeGa Preppers, Tracy Miller, Kevin L, McFarland, Rose P.



  1. -You scout for where all the solar panels are located in your town

    -You get excited when you get 5 gallon buckets and bags of rice for your birthday (or Christmas)

    -You fantasize about bug out locations

    1. Thanks Rose!! I added your comments.

    2. Awesome! I really hope I'm not the only one who scouts for solar panels