Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Compost Bin or Washing Machine?

DIY Compost Bin or Washing Machine?


  • 3 2x4 x 8 pressure treated lumber
  • 1 galvanized chain link fence post
  • 4 3.5inch 1/4 bolts with washers and nuts
  • 6 or 8 6" 60d nails
  • one 55 gal barrel (must be food grade)
  • 4 latches
  • one piano hinge
  • one box of 10-32 3/4" nuts and bolts ( make sure they fit your hinges and latches)
The Picture is self explanatory. Paint if you want.  If you wanted you could even fashion some sort of handles at either end of the fence post to turn your compost bin and shake things up a bit.

I have been told this sort of compost bin is only good for kitchen scraps because it dries out very easily due to the holes placed in the barrel so watering it on a regular basis is a necessity.  A man also suggested adding some rods through the barrel to loosen and break up the material as you spin the barrel.  Otherwise your compost could turn into a solid chunk making it near impossible to remove from the barrel (unless the door is bigger.)  Sounds like good advise in my opinion. 

My thoughts when I first saw this was a home made washing machine.  I do not think it would be that hard to add some sort of rings to the door making the door air tight. What is all of your opinions about this contraption?  Any ideas? 

Keepin it Spicy,
Jalapeño Gal